a virtual exhibition

examining the transmutive nature of our universe through whirred object imagery.

The angle on contemporary abstract-surrealist photography that has informed my recent work germinated as a manifestation of a period where I have found complacency within the confines of conventional portraiture. I have long admired the sleek palettes of editorial fashion photography, and at the point at which I began shooting in this style, I favored the bold styling of such pieces absent of the confined casting and restrictive prerequisites. I was looking for something intentionally obstructed in such a way that it rendered such metrics of beauty to be immaterial to the excellence of its end product. Alchemy can spin gold from any source, and that is the intention of the set which bears its title. The works I have developed in the abstract are object photographs digitally reconstructed with the hope that they may recalibrate the eyes of the spectator towards something fresh and unexpected.

if you would like to see this exhibition come to fruition in your space, email wolfmaxe@gmail.com and we may discuss our mutual vision for the exhibition.

exhibit renderings by Raw Pixel [their comprehensive image collection is accessible at rawpixel.com]

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