deante twist


“[Max Wolf] was an amazing photographer to work with; he has a fantastic attitude and really knows how to make a photo shoot fun. He is open-minded to all types of photography, and it has been wonderful to be a part of his portfolio as he grows as a photographer.” – Elaina Anderson, Model

“Max does absolutely stunning work. He does beautiful headshots and personal photos, but it is even cooler to see what he turns them into. It is very unique and fresh and highly recommend!” – Kira St. Pierre, Operatic Soprano

“Max is a wonderful photographer! He captures all of the right angles and takes every photo with intent. It is such a pleasure to have my photos taken by him!” – Chelz Danielle, Neo-Soul Recording Artist

“I really needed an updated headshot and Max not only did that but gave me a HUGE ego boost!” – Miranda Graham, Operatic Soprano

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